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Since the State of Illinois passed the "Concealed Carry Act," we have been dedicated to providing the highest possible quality training.  We dont believe in large "cookie-cutter" classes, prefering instead the more personal and individualized training that simply cannot be achieved in larger classes.  Larger classes typically focus more on financial gain than on students and education,  Paying more for a larger class size has no benefit for those seeking quality training and support.  We use the same laser-based training systems as others, and strive to provide an engaging and informative learning atmosphere.

We have classroom facilities in Elgin and South Elgin, and private outdoor ranges in Maple Park and Huntley available for use at no additional charge, and classes may be scheduled at your location with as few as 3 attendees,  Application and other assistance is also included at no additional charge after class completion. 

There is no charge or fee for reserving a seat in a scheduled class, but it will ensure your spot in the class, as well as ensure you're aware of any unforseen last-minute changes in location or other issues that may arise.

Reservations for the currently scheduled classes may be made on the schedule page, via the contact info below, or at the classroom located at  450 Shepard Drive, Elgin, IL  60123.    Private Range is located just outside of Elburn, IL.

Custom Classes provided on demand with as few as two students at our facilities, or on your premesis (classroom portion only unless your premesis has a suitable range.)   See our pricing page for group discount information!

For general inquiries or further information, contact us via email at info@aoarms.com or at 1-847-867-2489.